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The craft beer and music pairing podcast. Featuring some of the most interesting guests from the UK beer seen and abroad, matching amazing beers with music and talking about what makes it all work.

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    Christmas Beers 2017 w/ It's All Happening

    Andrew and Luke have a chinwag with John and Dan from It's All Happening about Christmas beers, non-Christmas songs and how hard it is to do a good low-ABV beer.

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    Matt Chinnery's Hip Hop Challenge

    We're joined by Matt Chinnery (@halfpintgent) or West Berkshire Brewery and Renegade Brewery for his Hip Hop Challenge, where we're challenged to match exclusively hip hop tunes to three beers.

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    Brewheadz Special - s'appiccia l'asino

    Andrew and Luke sit down with Vince from Brewheadz in London to match their awesome core range with some music and talk about Italians setting donkeys on fire, mariachi bands and Luke's terrible tasting notes.

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    Renegade and West Berkshire Brewery Special Guest

    Luke and Andrew sit down with Simon and Ruth of Renegade and West Berkshire Brewery to chat about both brewerys, Ruth's beer sommelier qualifications, yeast infections, little boy pants and hoppy/malty beers. In this episode we make our way through Renegade Craft Lager, Renegade West Coast Pale, Maharaja Pale Ale and the Tamesis Stout.

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    Beer O'Clock Show Crossover

    Luke and Andrew sit down with Steve and Martin of Beer O'Clock Show and Hopinions in our mega super awesome crossover episode. In this (the second half), we make our way through Brewdog's Dead Pony Club and Elvis Juice, as well as Rhinegeist's Luck Stout and Mikkeller's Spontanyuzu.

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    Orbit Beers Peel, Nico, Ivo and Seven

    This month Andrew and Luke are joined by Orbit Beers founder Robert Middleton to make our way through four of Orbit's regulars: Peel (Session Blonde), Nico (Kölsch Style Lager), Ivo (Pale Ale) and Seven (Double Brown Stout). We learn a bit about Orbit's history and why all their beers are named after musical greats, while also getting a bit tipsy.

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    Ticketybrew Jasmine Green Tea, Rose Wheat Beer, Pale Ale and Dubbel

    This month revolves around Manchester brewery Ticketybrews, with Andrew and Luke making their way through 4 of their core beers, matching music to Jasmine Green Tea, Rose Wheat Beer, Pale Ale and Dubbel. Each one increasing in strength, and each one causing them to get more and more tipsy.

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