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The craft beer and music pairing podcast. Featuring some of the most interesting guests from the UK beer seen and abroad, matching amazing beers with music and talking about what makes it all work.

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    Live from Mason & Co in London, with special guest Rebecca Pate

    The very first LIVE Rhythm & Brews podcast in front of an ACTUAL AUDIENCE. Luke and Andrew pop down to Mason & Co, and are joined by beer extraordinaire Rebecca Pate (@rpate) to talk about Spanish beer, math rock and (of course) Tom Waits.

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    Brew Club - "Did you put your feet in it?"

    Luke and Andrew sit down with Jo Llewellyn-Jones, co-founder of Brew Club, the open brewery in London, and chat about Napalm Death, fraud hobos and Chocolate Truffle Pale Ales.

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    Christmas Beers 2017 w/ It's All Happening

    Andrew and Luke have a chinwag with John and Dan from It's All Happening about Christmas beers, non-Christmas songs and how hard it is to do a good low-ABV beer.

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    Matt Chinnery's Hip Hop Challenge

    We're joined by Matt Chinnery (@halfpintgent) or West Berkshire Brewery and Renegade Brewery for his Hip Hop Challenge, where we're challenged to match exclusively hip hop tunes to three beers.

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