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Rhythm and Brews is the craft beer and music pairing podcast. In each episode we match four interesting beers with music as a way of helping to enhance flavours using your years. It's a bit like pairing wine with food, but with a much higher level of audio satisfaction.

Featuring great guests from the UK and international beer scenes, we taste, debate and discover great beer alongside great music.

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    Podcrawl #2 - with special guests Hopinions/Beer O'Clock Show

    EARLY EPISODE FOR YOU! Andrew, Luke and Producer Paul head out on another podcrawl, this time joined by the award-winning Steve and Martin from Beer O'Clock Show fame. We stumble through Shoreditch and Hoxton, and end up with at least 80% of the original contingent...

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    Beer Trends of 2019

    Andrew and Luke sit down to discuss what will be 'trendy' and 'hip' in beer and music in 2019. But mostly beer, because they are both old and not 'lit'. Topics include alcoholic water, the supremacy of lager tops and Andrew's ability to dad joke.

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    Christmas Beers of 2018

    Andrew and Luke sit down, match some Christmas beers, talk about depression (serious bit), talk about how shit Winter Warmers are (not serious bit) and match the song chosen by YOU to some beer...

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    The Top Beers of 2018

    Luke and Andrew look back over 2018 and pick 4 of their favourite beers from the year and discuss what deserves a top rating, how pissed you need to be to rate it and how much of a crime it is that Tom Waits hasn't released anything in 2018.

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    Camden Music Scene Podcrawl

    Andrew and Luke are joined by Paul Wade, from Brutalligators and Wade Bros Productions, to do an on-air pub crawl through the iconic music venues of Camden, London, from Amy Winehouse's watering hole (spoiler: it's every pub apparently) to the fact that Oasis are terrible (sorry Paul)

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    Live from Mason & Co in London, with special guest Rebecca Pate

    The very first LIVE Rhythm & Brews podcast in front of an ACTUAL AUDIENCE. Luke and Andrew pop down to Mason & Co, and are joined by beer extraordinaire Rebecca Pate (@rpate) to talk about Spanish beer, math rock and (of course) Tom Waits.

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    Brew Club - "Did you put your feet in it?"

    Luke and Andrew sit down with Jo Llewellyn-Jones, co-founder of Brew Club, the open brewery in London, and chat about Napalm Death, fraud hobos and Chocolate Truffle Pale Ales.

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    Christmas Beers 2017 w/ It's All Happening

    Andrew and Luke have a chinwag with John and Dan from It's All Happening about Christmas beers, non-Christmas songs and how hard it is to do a good low-ABV beer.

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    Matt Chinnery's Hip Hop Challenge

    We're joined by Matt Chinnery (@halfpintgent) or West Berkshire Brewery and Renegade Brewery for his Hip Hop Challenge, where we're challenged to match exclusively hip hop tunes to three beers.

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    Brewheadz Special - s'appiccia l'asino

    Andrew and Luke sit down with Vince from Brewheadz in London to match their awesome core range with some music and talk about Italians setting donkeys on fire, mariachi bands and Luke's terrible tasting notes.

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    Renegade and West Berkshire Brewery Special Guest

    Luke and Andrew sit down with Simon and Ruth of Renegade and West Berkshire Brewery to chat about both brewerys, Ruth's beer sommelier qualifications, yeast infections, little boy pants and hoppy/malty beers. In this episode we make our way through Renegade Craft Lager, Renegade West Coast Pale, Maharaja Pale Ale and the Tamesis Stout.

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    Beer O'Clock Show Crossover

    Luke and Andrew sit down with Steve and Martin of Beer O'Clock Show and Hopinions in our mega super awesome crossover episode. In this (the second half), we make our way through Brewdog's Dead Pony Club and Elvis Juice, as well as Rhinegeist's Luck Stout and Mikkeller's Spontanyuzu.

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    Orbit Beers Peel, Nico, Ivo and Seven

    This month Andrew and Luke are joined by Orbit Beers founder Robert Middleton to make our way through four of Orbit's regulars: Peel (Session Blonde), Nico (Kölsch Style Lager), Ivo (Pale Ale) and Seven (Double Brown Stout). We learn a bit about Orbit's history and why all their beers are named after musical greats, while also getting a bit tipsy.

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    Ticketybrew Jasmine Green Tea, Rose Wheat Beer, Pale Ale and Dubbel

    This month revolves around Manchester brewery Ticketybrews, with Andrew and Luke making their way through 4 of their core beers, matching music to Jasmine Green Tea, Rose Wheat Beer, Pale Ale and Dubbel. Each one increasing in strength, and each one causing them to get more and more tipsy.

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    Calypso, Bruitish, Amazing Haze, Sabotage

    Luke and Andrew are joined by Ben Hudson from Beer Shop to throw back some Siren Brew Co Calypso, Pope's Yard Bruitish, Stigbergets Amazing Haze and Beerbliotek x O|O Brewing Sabotage. As always, the music choices are rubbished, the talking gets more slurred and Luke proves that he know very little about beer.

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    Garden City Brewery Takeover

    As a special treat, Luke and Andrew sit down with Nick and Holly from new microbrewery Garden City Brewery, in Letchworth Garden City, UK. We match up some tunes to four of their brews: Hoppy New Year, BIPA, Winter Bitter and Saison's Greetings and talk about how they got started.

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    London Mead, James' Brown Ale, Salty Kiss, Soundwave IPA

    Episode One features Gosnells, Mondo Brewing, Magic Rock Brewing and Siren Brewing Co being paired with some choice tunes from the brains of Rhythm & Brews. Sit back, line up the beers and enjoy...

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